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Welcome to Tough Stuff Consulting

Are you an Executive, Business Leader, Supervisor?  Or just a bit lost as an individual?

  • Do you feel stuck? Frustrated? Fatigued?
  • Overwhelmed by responsibilities?
  • Always fighting fires?
  • Unhappy with the performance of your team?
  • Frustrated that good people keep leaving your business?
  • Confused by the complex world of OH&S?
  • Struggling for work/life balance?
  • Not sure of the next step?

It’s a complicated world and Tough Stuff Consulting can help you solve problems like these. We help you create strategies and draw your own map for the road ahead. We can help you cope. We can help you succeed.

We coach you as an individual, we can coach your team. We can help you build trust in yourself and within your team. We can also help you in the complex world of OH&S.

Call to start a conversation – over a coffee. The first consultation is free and we’ll even throw in the coffee!

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“Wisest is she who knows she does not know”
Jostein Gaarder


At Tough Stuff, we believe in coaching. We can work with you to build self-awareness, define & achieve goals, change behaviours to maximise your success, define and grow your personal and professional future and improve your work – life balance.


Great business requires a healthy workplace culture and empowered teams. Our definition of workplace culture is “what’s really going on around here?” Are you in control of your culture or does it control you? Exactly what is going on in your business?


Australia wide, business wide, leaders say that one of the most difficult things to manage is OH&S. Tough Stuff Consulting can help simplify and focus on the have to of your legal and moral obligations to keep your place of work and your team safe.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Phone David on 0447 734 727